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Human Business Ways, dedicated to the Professional Coaching of Leaders, Executives, Partners, Key People



The Coach who consolidates the emergence and transformation of Managers and Leaders

  • At the service of international organizations with over fifteen years of both personal and professional human successes.

  • Dozens of certifying qualifications in individual and team coaching, leadership, Intelligence of Self©, MBTI©, CCTI©, Emotional Intelligence, EQ-i.2.0.© etc.

My support includes:

  • Expertise at the service of your needs
  • Complete digital support, adapted to your agenda
  • The possibility of blended coaching: Face-to-face and/or remote
  • Professional and confidential coaching packages, with "à la carte" modules, according to your needs and expectations.
  • Personalized, scalable resources, anchored in  current business trends and future-focused.
  • An innovative digital approach: a customized platform that will propel you into the 3.0 or even the 4.0 worlds.
  • The orientation of your projects through the practice of active pedagogy and continuous training, applying of results-oriented methods.

...  As well as a connection with a large network of specialists, in France and abroad.


What are your aspirations?

100% confidential and customized support, focused on sustainable results. 


For various populations, in all types of structures:

  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching: Thematic seminars and long-term support
  • Individual professional coaching: Career potentials and developments, for managers or non-managers
  • Mediation: Facilitation of the relationship for all kinds of managerial duos : partners, couples..
  • Coaching of partners
  • Supervision and analysis of professional practices for managers, human resources managers, disability and diversity referees
  • Giving access to an important network of coaches and/or psychologists referenced, in France and offshore

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your sessions, interviews are conducted in a privileged way in a dedicated neutral space, in Boulogne-Billancourt / Paris, or remotely, via an individual access to a secured professional online coaching platform.


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An open-minded, demanding and generous method

I help you overcome your emotional reactions and mental judgment, explore the personal adjustments to be made: You will gain comfort in your role, in your mission.

My approach is centered on the development of the Aware Ego Process, compatible with all other theories of the psyche:

  • Intelligence of Self©
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Anchor diagrams or relational scenarios
  • Conscious Body and Psychosomatic Relationships
  • Jungian personality types: MBTI©, CCTI©...
  • NLP, Transactional Analysis, Bern Organizational Theory (TOB)
  • Humanist Psychology: Carl Rogers, Jung
  • Vision alignment: Robert Dilts
  • Systemic approach: Palo Alto
  • Visualization and creativity techniques: systematic analogy, prototyping, MindMap
  • Narrative practices: powerful questioning, the metaphors of the Life Journey...
  • Meditation techniques and attention practice
  • Non-dualistic approach to human development: Vedanta, overcoming the ego, unleashing one's potential, Tao
  • Non-violent communications and alternative pedagogies, including Maria Montessori, Noël Janis-Norton...
  • Specific reading grids such as the Seven Eye Model from Hawkins, P and Smith.


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Sensitivity, Intuition, and Experience, at Your Service

As a HR and development professional for over twenty years, I use my experience of coaching - individually and in groups - in a variety of environments.

  • I have accompanied high-level athletes who are physically injured, people with sensory deficits - visually impaired, blind, deaf - or psychic disorders, known as "schizophrenia"
  • My experience of visible and invisible disabilities allows me to listen to all the parties operating in our inner system
  • Having started in support by training myself in 1998 to lead Balint groups for healthcare staff - especially doctors - facing death situations, I know what it takes to support a person or an organisation in its grieving process

My commitment to a permanent professional training 

  • My initial training as a psychologist (in 1999) led me to discover groups of practice analysis
  • Passionate and committed for the professionalization of my professions, I have always trained continuously
  • For the past ten years, I have spent between 20% and 30% of my annual turnover on training
  • In the same way that my clients monitor their percentage of investment in Research and Development, I follow this critical quality indicator (CTQ) and invest in the resources I offer to my clients

Beyond a long-term personal work on the psyche, the body and the emotions, I am myself supervised since 2009

  • Christophe Massin, psychiatrist and author : individual supervision when necessary, regular group supervision over a day with professional coaches, supervisors, psychoanalysts and psychologists.
  • Pierre Cauvin and/or Geneviève Cailloux - Osiris Conseil: supervision of partners and regular supervision/hypervision seminars in groups, over three days.
  • Occasionally, with Anglo-Saxon supervisors such as Hal and Sidra Stones, Judith Hendin in the United States, and other specialists in Great Britain and Australia



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